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Ai - Deluxe Aikido Uniform Set

by Tozando
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Made in Japan

Our deluxe quality "Ai" dogi and pants are traditionally made and styled but tailored exclusively for aikido practice. It is made from 100% locally sourced cotton and made by our experienced tailors in Iwate, Japan.

The Ai features a midweight sashiko style weave that is perfectly suited to aikido practice possessing a great balance between thickness and weight. This makes it comfortable to do ukemi in, but light enough to wear all year round.

The lower part of the dogi is diamond stitched in the "hishi-zashi" style - this increases its breathability and comfort helping to wick away sweat and unwanted moisture.

Move freely

Like all of our signature made in Japan aikido wear this set has been optimised for practice and training. It features a seamless back for painless ukemi, widened arm pits for ease of mobility, the pants are double lined from the thigh down for more comfort and durability in the face of shikko knee walking and transitioning to and from suwari-waza.

Both the dogi and pants have been approved by the Aikikai and you can have their tag added by request. As we make these ourselves you can also modify the cut to a slim or wide fit by request as well as adding additional himo.