Osafune Sukesada was a swordsmith of the Osafune school in Bizen Province (present-day Okayama Prefecture), a name given to a number of swordsmiths from the Koto period to the Shinto period. This sword was made in 1568 (Eiroku 11), in the late Muromachi period, a time when excellent swords for actual warfare were produced. The sword is well preserved compared to its age, and although there are some minute flaws, it is overall very clean and can be enjoyed by looking at the jitetsu and hamon. It is equipped with both uchigatana and shirasaya koshirae. The uchigatana comes with a black lacquer scabbard, antique tsuba, fuchikashira, and menuki, giving it a very serene look. NBTHK has authenticated this sword as a Hozon Token and has a certificate of authenticity. The famous Sukesada is available at an affordable price.

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Blade 刃

Kissaki 切っ先

Nakago (Tang) 茎


 Koshirae 拵え