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Tsubaki-yu - Camelia Oil

by Tozando

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When maitaining wooden weapons like bokuto, jo and naginata, the of choice in Japan has long been camelia oil, known as tsubaki-yu in Japanese. It can also be used to maitain your shinai and keep them from drying out.

Our camelia oil is 100% pure and sourced locally. Due to carrier restrictions we are only able to ship via UPS internationally.

Customer Reviews

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Marko P.
Quality Camellia Oil For Your Wooden Weapons

Getting one’s hands on above average quality wooden weapons made in Japan is becoming ever more difficult, and expensive, by the day.

Thus, it just makes sense to take care of your gear, doesn’t it? This Tsubaki-yu Nagasaki Camellia-Oil from Tozando let’s you do just that. Good for all forms of bokken/bokuto and even that favourite set of kendo shinai.

Sure, there are many experienced practitioners who’d say the no-brand vegetable oil from your local grocery store or supermarket is as good and costs mere fractions of the product under review here.

For me, the perfect clarity, lack of unwanted odours and ease of application of Tozando’s product is worth even the hefty premium. I also trust the 100mL bottle to last me a good while, protecting all that valuable and increasingly hard to come by authentic Japanese wooden gear in my equipment bag or when displayed on rack at home.

I live and train in a country where we still experience harsh cold winters regularly and where the indoor humidity often drops to near desert conditions during the months when we depend on central heating, especially in modern apartment buildings. Keeping my wooden weapons from cracking or developing undesired bending by oiling them with a quality product at least every now and then is therefore paramount. Don’t subject your gear to high, sudden fluctuations in atmospheric conditions by, say, taking them with you to the bath room while you shower after keiko. Also, remember to store your valued wooden weapons horizontally to keep any warping of the natural material to a minimum.

Happy training!

Esther Magaldi Zurita
Me encanta

Es genial para el mantenimiento de los Shinai, y muy contenta con Tozando son geniales. Lo envían todo muy rápido